Papa Bear Hikes

Surviving the Cold: Understanding Hypothermia with Dr. Rob Scanlon

November 22, 2023 Papa Bear Hikes Season 4 Episode 3
Papa Bear Hikes
Surviving the Cold: Understanding Hypothermia with Dr. Rob Scanlon
Show Notes

Join us on Papa Bear Hikes as we delve into a crucial topic for all adventurers: hypothermia. Our esteemed guest, Dr. Rob Scanlon, an expert in wilderness medicine, sheds light on understanding, preventing, and managing hypothermia in outdoor settings.

In this episode, Dr. Scanlon shares invaluable insights on recognizing early signs of hypothermia, crucial dos and don'ts in cold weather, and practical tips to stay safe when venturing into the wilderness during chilly seasons. Whether you're an avid hiker or just starting your outdoor journey, this episode is packed with essential knowledge that could potentially save lives.

Tune in as we uncover the mysteries of hypothermia and learn how to keep ourselves and our hiking buddies safe in cold environments. Don't miss this vital discussion on Papa Bear Hikes!

Ready to explore more about wilderness medicine and outdoor safety? πŸ”οΈ Follow Dr. Rob Scanlon on Instagram for expert insights, tips, and captivating adventures in the world of outdoor health and safety! Join his community and stay informed. Follow Dr. Rob Scanlon's adventures on IG here: Dr Robert Scanlon (@dr_robscanlon) | Instagram profile 🌿🧭 #OutdoorSafety #WildernessMedicine

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