Papa Bear Hikes

Fueling Adventure: Heather Kelly's Journey with Heather's Choice

September 04, 2023 Papa Bear Hikes Season 3 Episode 104
Papa Bear Hikes
Fueling Adventure: Heather Kelly's Journey with Heather's Choice
Show Notes

In this episode, we're thrilled to introduce Heather Kelly, the incredible founder and CEO of Heather's Choice. But Heather is so much more than just a businesswoman – she's a powerhouse of talent, knowledge, and passion. 

A former NCAA National Champion and CRCA/Pocock All-American in women's rowing, Heather's athletic achievements are awe-inspiring. But her expertise doesn't stop there. With a degree in evolutionary nutrition, she delves deep into the science of nourishment, exploring the ways our bodies have evolved to thrive. 

As a certified eating psychology coach, Heather has dedicated herself to helping countless athletes unlock their full potential by developing personalized nutrition plans. Her goal? To optimize performance while fostering a healthy and fulfilling relationship with food. 

Heather's home base is Anchorage, Alaska, where she shares her life with her boyfriend and business partner, Brad. Together, they embark on adventures that many only dreams of, often with their faithful companion, Jango, by their side. 

When Heather isn't busy revolutionizing the world of nutrition, you can probably find her immersed in playful culinary experiments, nurturing her urban homestead, or conquering the untamed Alaskan wilderness by rafting down its rivers. 

Join us in this fascinating conversation with Heather Kelly as she shares her insights, experiences, and the extraordinary journey that led her to become a prominent figure in the world of nutrition and adventure. 

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