Papa Bear Hikes

Wondering Vibes

August 21, 2023 Papa Bear Hikes Season 3 Episode 100
Papa Bear Hikes
Wondering Vibes
Show Notes

In this episode, Martin chats with Chris of the Wandering Vibes podcast.  Get ready to explore the ideas of resilience and leaving yourself open to the possibilities life offers when you allow yourself to step off the beaten path of life.

Follow Chris and his adventures on IG: Wandering Vibes Podcast (@wandering_vibes_podcast) • Instagram photos and videos

About the Wandering Vibes podcast: 
For those that have a Wandering attitude towards life or naturally someone who gravitates towards unique places, ideas, and understanding of the world around them, we offer up “Wandering Vibes” podcast for your entertainment and learning experience. When harmony is found and we become intrinsically aligned with our journey we are “on vibe”. 

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Get outside, have fun and be safe!
Martin Armitage,
Host of the Papa Bear Hikes Podcast